Transitional and Supportive Housing



To assist and empower individuals who are disadvantaged within communities affected by substance abuse, mental health, and domestic misfortunes. We provide human and social services to individuals in the community with a specific focus on vulnerable populations.


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What’s Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the homeless, veterans, re-entering offenders, individuals recovering from addictions, mental illnesses and domestic victims that are displaced with supportive housing. The  goals are to provide them with safe drug free transitional housing; to stabilize employment, to provide them with easy access to ongoing treatment and support; to help them become self-sufficient so that they can start a new life and to help them fight their struggle with addiction, mental illness and domestic violence to break the cycle.

This organization provides supportive services to assist each member with becoming independent; as well as modeling positive behavior while living in the community. 

Also, the individuals being served, we will interact with other organizations building a viable resource base to assist each individual with being successful. This organization will provide a safe structure and no tolerance environment.

Our programs offers a holistic approach to helping the clients meet individual needs. The aim is to build upon all the facets of their social life using value-based principles as a foundation.  We provide pastoral care, housing assistance, education, and group parenting skill workshops, mentoring, job training and job site coordination.

Accordingly, BCA1, has developed a program suited for the homeless in Baltimore County and surrounding counties in Maryland. This program will focus on men and women, who will receive counseling, drug and alcohol abuse intervention, relapse prevention sessions, education, job training and general life skills.

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